Quotes about Titus2


Paul presented this "older woman (teaching) younger woman" model as one of the greatest teaching opportunities mature Christian women can have in the church. They carefully share wisdom out of their years of experience, something even mature men have no capacity to do. Furthermore, these mature women can do what men should not do in a personal setting – to communicate with women regarding very intimate matters. It’s obvious Timothy faced this challenge in Ephesus when Paul exhorted him – particularly as a young single man – to "treat…older women as mothers, and younger woman as sisters, with absolute purity" (1 Ti. 5:1-2).


Older women are to cultivate virtue, yet not as an end in itself, but for the purpose of training young women. Nevertheless, it is impossible to train others in qualities oneself does not possess. There is a great need in the contemporary church for older women who are godly and who obey the biblical command to train young women in the faith. Many younger women long for more mature women to take them under their wings and to teach them how to live the Christian life, especially since many of them lack such godly models in their own family or live at a great distance from their own family. Notably, such training – usually involving private rather than public instruction – is to focus squarely on the domestic sphere.


Older women should teach younger women the skills and disciplines needed to have a successful home and marriage. Experienced wives and mothers will find their greatest avenue of ministry in teaching younger wives what they need to know to be effective wives, mothers, and homemakers.


A Titus 2 woman is an older, mature Christian woman who teaches and encourages the younger women.  Her ministry is based on the Scripture passage in Titus 2:3-5.  It seemed to me that every Christian woman regardless of age or marital status should aspire to become a Titus 2 Woman.  It also seemed to me that most churches today are woefully lacking in the training of these ladies.  They may have organized woman’s functions, but there seems to be few if any older women who are discipling the younger women biblically as required in Titus 2:3-5.


It is doubtful that the Apostle Paul had in mind Bible classes or seminars or books when he spoke of [women] teaching younger women. He meant the simple things, the everyday example, the willingness to take time from one’s own concerns to pray with the anxious mother, to walk with her the way of the cross – with its tremendous demands of patience, selflessness, lovingkindness – and to show her, in the ordinariness of Monday through Saturday, how to keep a quiet heart.