May your hearts be encouraged with mine as you read the marvelous and multifaceted ways our Lord has used the “Grace Quotes” ministry to inspire, encourage, instruct, assist and strengthen His people whom He deeply loves. All praise is reflected back to the One who is truly worthy and makes all things possible!

“To Him who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb, be blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever and ever.”

Revelation 5:13

The Bible says in Prov. 13:20, “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise.” We can walk with the wise men and women of God from the past, of course, by reading what they’ve written. This website has extracted some of the most insightful words penned by some of the Lord’s wisest saints. Read and grow wise.

Don Whitney

I just wanted to write a quick note to express my gratitude for Grace Quotes. As an avid collector and distributor of quotes, I’ve found it an invaluable resource. I’ve looked at hundreds of them and have yet to find one that isn’t completely biblical – rather the exception as it comes to quote collections. Thank you for the long labor of love for the church. Thank you for making it publicly available. It has been, and continues to be, a great blessing.

Tim Challies

Before today, I didn’t know who put together the great quotes on your website. Each week, I glean a couple of quotes, often from your site, for our weekly worship guide. Now I know the source! Thanks so much for the resources you put together, especially the quotes! If you are ever in Illinois, lunch will be on me!

Pastor James McDonald

Grace Quotes is a great Repository of Christian Quotes!

Eric Johnson

I really appreciate the work you do. Thank you so much!!!

Angeline Watson

I’m a pastor and have tons of my own quotes in files. Often though, I can’t find just the right quote. Your page has been so helpful on that. So I just wanted to write you and thank you for making that resource available. It is truly a blessing!! May God bless you for your work on behalf of His Kingdom!! In His Grace.

Pastor Scott Carson

Just ran across your web site and the incredible volume of quotes many of which seem to be in the reformed tradition. Thanks for posting these…don’t know that I’ve seen a better resource.

Todd Whirley

I would just want to inform you that your compilation is so very helpful that whenever I need a quote for that day in relation to the topic, it helps me navigate easier where to find it. May the Lord bless your ministry more and your love for your work.

Missionary Franardo Tychicus Mabanglo

Thank you as ALWAYS for this daily inspiration and for the wonderful Bible teaching ministry!! God bless you with abundant grace and joy this day and every!

Joseph Greenberg

I just wanted to finally write and tell you how much I appreciate your Grace Quotes site. I use it with each new series that I write, when in need of a quote along the lines of the series’ topic. Just today, I went to “Pride – Dangers” and found what I was wanting to insert for an upcoming series. Keep up the great work. It’s a valuable site.

David Sparks

Today I have found this treasure trove while reading and researching some bible subjects. I thank God for such a valuable spiritual deposits being kept and administered by people like you all in the ministry. Please add me with your mailing list. Mean time please keep us and the tribal ministries in India in your prayers. May His name be glorified in all.

Samuel Pappy (India)

I [have] exceedingly enjoyed your Grace Quotes page as a resource for many purposes. I competed in the NCFCA league under the category of apologetics, using many GraceQuote quotes in my speeches. Today as I scanned the topics looking for an appropriate quote for a card that I am writing to my sister’s father-in-law, the topic of “love” caught my eye. The Lord has been teaching me the lesson of how to love Him, my family and especially, other Christians in a biblical way, I found the quotes on love to be vastly encouraging, pointing me to not grow weary in doing good, as I have been doing, but to press on. The quotes on Love’s vulnerability were very encouraging, reminding me that indeed to love biblically is to love vulnerably and that means making yourself a target to be hurt. I [have] been so encouraged by this great resource. Thank you and I hope this little note is an encouragement to you!

Tabitha C. Mello

Thank you for your faithfulness in sending out “Grace Quotes” each day of the week. Each one seems very meaningful to us as we continue to read through the Bible each year together. We have shared your website with many friends and it has also been a huge encouragement to them as well.

Gordy and Ruthie Bell

Thank you for wonderful quote resources!

Stephanie Anderson

Wow! What a great resource and blessing to find “Grace Quotes.” Thank you!

Dwight Kieser

It has been a good while since I acknowledged how much I appreciate the good quotes… Again, thank you and may our God give you many more days of tireless effort as you labor for the cause of Christ.

Earnie Lucas

Thank you for faithfulness and diligence in bringing “Grace Quotes” to us! It is a great way to begin each day and gives us much to meditate on.


I would like thank God for the wonderful work He is doing through this ministry, as a fellow servant in the vineyard l am really helped. May God continue using you to His awesome glory.

Mike Chisale (Malawi)

Just wanted to thank you for your website and encourage you to keep up the great work. It’s beneficial in ways you may not even realize.

Ben Davis

I have used your Grace Quotes as a resource in sermons, devotionals and teaching for some time now. I wanted to thank you for this valuable resource and pray the LORD will continue to bless your ministry.

Pastor Tony Thomas

Thank you for accumulating so many great quotes. I use them every week to supplement my sermons. I have also passed the link on to other Pastors and friends. Blessings in the Risen Lamb of God.

Pastor Mike Murray

I have come to appreciate Grace Quotes and find something valuable there almost every day. Thank you for this ministry. Blessings!

Scott MacDonald

It just struck me when I was reading it that, aside from how convicting/encouraging the quotes are in general, they’re usually so tied in with/reinforcing of what your current sermon topic is. With that thought it dawned on me how much more behind-the-scenes effort (than we’re all aware of) it must take to make this ministry as effective as it is as you not only screen and categorize all your quotes but you also carefully select them for each week. I know it’s one more thing in addition to all that you already do at Grace… I wanted to let you know that the Grace Quotes ministry is such an encouragement, a useful teaching tool, and a great daily reminder of how to pursue holiness in our lives. These quotes also really touch on some of the more underlying areas of sin in our lives that often go unnoticed by ourselves and aren’t within the usual areas addressed in most typical Sunday morning sermons, so it’s great to get these little daily “challenges”, if you will, to examine our hearts and lives. Thanks so much for all your effort in choosing these quotes – they’re such a blessing!

Tammy Fossa

Dear Pastor, Thank you very much for your letter about quotations from my father’s book [Martyn Lloyd-Jones]. I am very happy that you should use them – or any from his other books – and hope that they will be of help to God’s people. May the Lord bless you in all you do.

Elizabeth Catherwood

Thank you for this ministry. The quotes often bring blessing and encouragement. I enjoy sharing them with our church family.

Pastor Dan Bunge

You have a great website, I use your Grace Quotes a lot for myself to learn from, to use in my writing and just for everyday use. God bless you!

John VanWoerden

Brother, I have benefited greatly from these quotes. Thank you, thank you. Great for sermons too. Amen!

Michael M.

Thank you for compiling such a great listing of quotations… [Appreciate] your monumental labor of love!

Franklin K.

I really use this collection often. I visit this section almost every week and use your quotes frequently in my Sunday School lesson. Great education just reading what some great men of God have to say on a subject. I really appreciate this collection of quotes.

Don Greenfield

I really enjoy the quotes, and had written you in the past to let you know that they ministered to me. I am a bi-vocational pastor and have shared your quotes from time to time in my messages. I wish for you all, what you already have: Christ and all the treasures of the Gospel. May He be more to you and may you be more of His. May you hear the music of the Gospel and not just the words. May He be so chief among the ten-thousand, that you find yourself saying, “What ten-thousand?” May He be your shield and your exceeding, abounding, over-flowing, great reward!

Pastor Shawn Smith

Thanks so much, Pastor! You have no idea what a tremendous blessing all your work into doing this has been to me & my FB “friends”. May the Lord richly bless you!

Mike Wilbur

Thank you. I tweet these quotes regularly. One of the best collections of doctrinally sound quotes I’ve ever come across.

Jeffrey Lyle

Pastor, Of all the sites offering quotations, yours is the best. I cannot imagine how many hours you have expended to establish such a helpful resource for pastors and teachers. I have been a pastor for 52 years and purchased illustration books through the years seeking a way to make clear some particular truth, and some of them were helpful to a degree, but nothing like this. The rich quotations of God’s preachers and teachers are delightful just to read. Obviously you are a well read man. I am rambling, but I could not pass up the opportunity to say “thank you” for your labor of love. Where I am concerned it has not been in vain. Again, God bless you for sharing your labors with so many.

Pastor Jim Stallings

Pastor, Thanks for taking the time to put up the quotes on the web. I get free texts with my phone contract and have been sending out 40 daily using many from the web site. I even use some for my status on facebook. This ministry is having a ripple effect and you will not know this side of eternity what the effects will be. Pass on my thanks to others in the web team. Yours in Christ.

James Drummond

Pastor, I cannot begin to tell you how this site has blessed me and aided me in my sermon prep…thank you my dear brother for your labor of love and investment in the Kingdom.

Pastor David Hill

Thanks for the great work. Love reading the quotes you have gathered together and arranged by topic. They have blessed me immeasurably. To God Be the Glory!

Carol Anderson

Pastor, This email comes to you from somewhat out of the blue to thank you for the collection of quotes you make available to me (and many others) on your website. I am also a quote collector and use them every week in my messages to our congregation. I have been regularly blessed, challenged, and convicted by the thoughts portrayed in your many quotes. Thank you for your efforts in making them available. I have told a dozen fellow Bible teachers about the site and they have been amazed. Today, as I found some other quotes for my messages in January, I decided that I must find you and pass along my appreciation. God bless you, my brother.

Pastor Greg Alderman

I love the quotes brother. I constantly consult your site to find pithy, passionate, succinct, summaries for my sometimes sad sermons! Please put me on the quote subscription list. Thanks!

Pastor Doug Thompson

Dear Pastor, Just a quick note to say thank you for your ministry! I’m not sure if I’ve ever sent you and email before but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the work you do in compiling your quotes. It is a wonderful resource that I often use in my sermon prep up here in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada. Thought you’d be encouraged to know something more of the ripple effect of your faithful ministry!

Pastor Lee Dyck (Canada)

Greetings, I want to pass on my word of thanks for the valuable resource of “Grace Quotes.” I often use quotes from this site in my “Pastors Comments” in our weekly church bulletin. Thanks so much for the availability of this tremendous help. I would also like to subscribe to ‘Grace Quotes’ for any new updates. Thanking you and may God continue to bless His Word and your ministry.

Pastor Geoff Hohneck (Australia)

Thank you for this page, there are some superb quotes. I’ll be forwarding the link.

Ben Virgo (England)

Hi Pastor, Your site of quotes has been very helpful to me in life and ministry. Thank you again! Enjoy The Ride!


I just wanted to take the time to thank you for Grace Quotes. I use them often through out the year in our bulletin and some of them on my Facebook! Blessings to you as you do His work!

Jen Sathre

Thank you for the ministry of Grace Quotes. Enabled by the Blood of the Lamb.

Rich Darcy

Have been feasting on the quotes and shared them with others in my congregation. It just occurred to me that i have never said thank you. So here it is! Fantastic blessing – Ruth 2:12.

Pastor P.C. Murgu (Romania)

Thanks so much for the site! I love it, my favorite place on the internet.

Pastor Phillip Howle

This site is superb! I use it every day. Your quote site is simply the best in the world.

Pastor Jim Nicol

Just wanted to send a note and thank you for all the great Grace Quotes. I happened upon your website a month ago, and bookmarked the quotes page. It has been such a blessing to me and a source of strength. I love they way they are categorized and so easy to find. Praying for you today!

Peggy Barranca

Pastor, I love the Grace Quotes website. What a great resource you have put together for pastor, Bible teachers, and Christians who need to find a good quote. Very well done. I am honored to have my writing included in your website. Use whatever you like. Thanks again for including me in Grace Quotes!

Pastor Ray Pritchard

Pastor, Thank you so much for Grace Quotes, I have been so edified by meditating on God’s truth when I go to your website!

Josh Knipp

These quotes are so very good I’ve started a “new” thing. I am keeping a notebook and handwriting them down. Thank you Pastor and all who participate in putting this Quotes out there for us to read. I have several people from my church reading them now.


Thank you for the wonderful collection of Christian themed quotes. I have a small “ministry” at my place of employment where I send out a Christian themed quote each morning. I must admit that I have “borrowed” from your collection. God bless and never underestimate the strength of a quality quote.

Bruce Horsley

Just a quick note of thanks for your many years of faithful service and this incredible compilation of excellent quotes from the many excellent brethren (both alive and passed on) who have left us these precious gems of scriptural thoughts and meditations. So much to ponder and then work out in my own life. So encouraging and insightful on many areas of the Christian life. May the Lord richly bless you as you continue to serve Him and add additional God-glorifying and convicting quotes. Thank you again.

Lou Brancadora

Thank you for your website and all the quotes. I have found them very helpful.

Matt Allison

I love your site. It has been very, very helpful and inspiring. I have forwarded it to others in the ministry. Keep up the good work and always pray big!

Larry Smith

Hi Pastor, I found this incredible website of yours – Grace Quotes. What a help for exposition!

Pastor Mick Shortsleeves

Thank you so much for this ministry of help. I put together a small flier for each Sunday morning service and use many of the quotes each week in that. They have been a real blessing in many other ways as well. God’s blessings!

Teresa Miller

Love the Grace quotes, what an AWESOME resource!

Laurie Swanson

I really appreciate the good resource for teaching, discipling, etc. May God richly bless you as you serve the King in truly the greatest cause this side of heaven.

Dan Purcell

Thank you so much I really appreciate the quotes and often pass them on to others. God bless you all!

Dottie Nagel

Pastor, I was just wondering if you had anything on your site regarding the doctrine of assurance. I clicked on “Assurance” and bam…13 pages of quotes emerge. Amazing. Well done!

Pastor Scott Ardavanis

Thanks for the quotes! Your collection is a great resource. We publish quotes in our bulletin when there aren’t enough announcements to fill up the allotted space!

Pastor Joshua Krohse

Hey, I just had to tell you this. Many months ago I was looking on the web for some good quotes. Stumbled across a great site that had tons. I use them frequently.

Pastor Jay Lickey

I wanted to let you know that I often make use of your website to find quotes for our church bulletin. Thanks for providing this service. It is a very well organized site and one of the most extensive collections I have found online.


Amazingly I’ve been using quotes from this site for a while in different settings but never had any idea it was you who established this wonderful and inspirational site. Thanks for all the time and effort you’ve given it, to be a blessing to others.

Dale Whilden

Thanks Pastor for all your work in compiling the Grace quotes collection. I have subscribed to them for a while now and it is a blessing to get them in my email every morning, they are so timely and relevant! I don’t have Facebook but I wanted you to know that I “like” them anyway!

Sue Monte

We use your quotes each week in our bulletins and would love updates.

Barbara Barton

I was googling a Thomas Waton article “For a drop of pleasure” and came across your site. Looked at your resourse page and saw the quotes. There is some really nice stuff there. I am not a pastor, just a searcher. I love and trust the Puritan writers. Thanks!

Tony Watson

Hi Pastor, I love your quotes page! It is absolutely the best resource for Christian quotes on the internet. God Bless!

Meaghan Pieroway

Your quotation website looks great! It is a terrific resource.

Rod Rogers

What a great resource for the Body of Christ. And what a wonderful gift for the Kingdom! That’s just one of the things I love about you. You are all about expanding the kingdom, beyond the walls of churches and denominations.

Pastor J.P. Gradone

Pastor, Thanks much for the site! Just a quick look at some of the quotes and I know it is something I can use (and will). It is a tremendous resource. You sure have put a lot of thoughtful work into it.

Pastor Dick Fisher

Hi Pastor, This is a powerful tool for those of us in fulltime ministry!

Pastor Ken Kimiywe (Africa)

We have used this tool as much as any website online. Whoever keeps this site current with great quotes should be rewarded. It has been such a blessing. χαρις υμιν και ειρηνη!

Pastor Jim Stallings

Hi Pastor, This is a thank you for the Grace Quotes page, which is now a favorites page for us! Blessings in Jesus!

John Leding

Thank you for the time and ministry of your quote page! What a blessing it has been to me and the people I shepherd.


Our pastor has forwarded several of your quotes and I would like to subscribe. Thanks for your great work.

Joan Parker

I subscribe to your Grace Quotes. I am writing to thank you for them. They have been quite a blessing to me and I really appreciate the time you put into them, and the care you use in selecting them. Your quotes elevate scripture, point me to the unmerited grace of God, remind me that it is all of Christ, encourage me in my faith, and Glorify God by extolling His sovereignty.

Shawn Smith

Pastor, What an awesome site! I am going to promote it. Keep up the good work! In Christ’s service to His church.

Stephen Anderson

Wow, I opened my Grace Quotes, and found myself reading my own thoughts. Thanks for including my writing, though I am incredibly humbled to be part of the quote library you have amassed given that it includes the truly great thinkers of the past and present.

Pastor David W. Hegg

I really appreciate your website and use it a lot!

Ryan Smith

Thank you, and thank you again, for your hard work on this excellent resource.

Pastor Daryle Worley

Greetings, I am a retired Prison Chaplain in Florida. I find your site, “Grace Quotes” to be of great help as helpful aides as I teach in prison. It provides a wealth of information.

Chaplain Dale Crowe

Randy, Thanks brother for this wonderful resource! Great job!

Pastor Jim Loveland

Randy, Your “Grace Quotes” website looks wonderful, attractive and easily searchable. I will promote it. May the Lord use it to continue to build his church.

Pastor Steve Brandon

What a wonderful gift to the wider family of God!! Thank you for your efforts… I will use this more than ever and pass it along to my colleagues.

Pastor Jim Sharp

I enjoy your site – keep up the good, noble, and edifying work!

Pastor Chuck Muether

You’re site is helpful in my sermon prep. I love that I’m able to find compiled quotes in one place. Thank you for being such a blessing!!!

Pastor Darron Thompson

Please allow me to say thank you for the Grace Quotes that come to my email each day, and for the website where I can reference other quotes.  This has been a real source of blessing to me.

Du Anne Hamby

I personally want to THANK YOU for this wonderful tool of research and growth enhancer. I try to read Scripture and pray every day which is my morning highlight and Grace Quotes has become a big part of my spiritual food. I thank you.  


Randy, I think your site is by far the best site for illustrations that I have ever used. Many web sites offer fluffy illustrations and you have to wade through so much bad stuff to get to anything good. Keep at it. You are on too something original and helpful. It has great indexes and it is very thorough.

Pastor Scott Ardavanis

I love your site! I have such a passion for Christian quotes!  (Somebody always said it better than I could or in a way that really touched me!) I just wanted to encourage you! I will be digging through your collection for some time to come!


I’m very happy and fond of gracequotes. This is where the verses are on its best since i become an African Christian. Continue providing us with the food of the soul. Thank you

Castorn Dzingirai (Africa)

I wanted to thank you for your extensive collection of quotes. My pastor and I use your site as a valuable resource each week.

Chet Peterson

I just came across your website and what a wonderful reference tool for spiritual nuggets, insight, and a place to seek encouragement.  Keep up the great work and being a bright light for the Lord!

Tom McAllister

I just want to say a BIG thank you for the many hours of labor that you have put into this comprehensive resource. I use it daily… I have found no better compilation of theologically rich and solid quotes of the greats of the Christian faith. May God bless you richly in your ministry for His Glory.

Russ (Albany, Western Australia)

Hello! Someone in my Myspace group shared this site with us so I came to take a look. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Wonderful blog and fantastic design.

Rico L.