How can I support this ministry?

  1. A donation would be very much appreciated. Note the opportunity to do so at the top of each page via Stripe. Each year my operating expenses continue to increase. A financial gift of any size goes a long way to keep this ministry active in the instruction, edification and evangelization of thousands. Or use our safe PayPal account located throughout the site as well.
  2. Purchase any of the excellent books I have advertised on this site (bottom of home page, individual topic and author pages too). I receive a small commission with no extra cost to you.
  3. Support the authors represented on this site. These men and women have blessed us, but their brief quotations are only a snippet of the entirety of their work. Purchase their books that are advertised in the Grace Quotes database.
  4. Promote the site to your friends through word-of-mouth and by sharing Grace Quotes posts.
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How do I receive the daily Grace Quote?

Go to the home page and sign up to receive a daily email and/or connect through social media. It’s fast, it’s easy and best of all, it’s free!

When are the quotes sent out?

Either a “word-only” quote or a “quote-postcard” or a “video-quote” is sent out Monday-Friday, oftentimes in the morning.

May I reproduce all or parts of this site?

In one word, the definitive answer is “no.” Webmasters, please do not copy all or even parts of this site. Not only is Grace Quotes registered with a United States copyright, but taking countless hours of my hard labor is totally uncool – don’t steal!!! Violators will be hunted down and prosecuted to the fullest extent of my Christian conscience. You are encouraged and more than welcome to link Grace Quotes to your site if you so desire.

May I use the quotations?

Grace Quotes was created not only for devotional and instructional purposes, but also to enhance your Bible lessons and sermons with that added punch for impact and the reinforcement of a particular concept. You have my permission to “quote away” providing you respect the author’s copyrights and do not use the quotations to produce a collection or database of your own.

May I share the quotations?

Absolutely! My heart is thrilled when I learn of more people being blessed by the Grace Quotes ministry. Sign up for one or all of our various accounts via this website and then forward your email and share through the social media outlets. All I ask is that you share the quote unedited, with the Grace Quotes logo and in the format in which you received it.

Do you have permission to use the quotations?

Extensive efforts have been conducted to receive proper authorization to display the quotations included in this site.

Who selects the quotes?

For the most part, I select each of the quotes from the Christian literature I have read myself. Furthermore, I personally determine which quotes are eligible to be included in the database and which quotes among them are distributed to the Grace Quotes subscribers.

How do you select the quotations?

My criteria for selection often follow these guidelines: Stating a particular truth in a pithy and clever way or a clear and concise explanation of a significant Christian doctrine or issue from a Christian perspective. As a rule of thumb, I ask myself if the quote would be worthy to use in a sermon. To the best of my knowledge, the representation of authors and selection of specific quotations adhere to a sound interpretation of the Scriptures.

May I submit a quotation?

Sure, but I am very selective when it comes to the author or theological point conveyed. If you choose to submit a quote(s), please be sure to include the author and a full reference line as the permission I have received varies for each publishing house and ministry.

Can you tell me more about the postcards?

I personally design each of the quote-postcards that are sent out to subscribers and then archived in the gallery on this website.