Quotes about Pornography


Every instance of treasuring images of sexual immorality in our hearts, every eager glance at pornography, all of our lustful gawking — everything — is paid for by Jesus in his death for sinners.


The tide will begin to turn in your struggle against pornography when you begin to grasp forgiving grace and transforming grace, as you learn to repent.


Pornography is a plague that has destroyed countless lives and can also destroy yours. The sobering truth is that you do not have the resources to change within yourself.


Jesus’ grace to change you is stronger than pornography’s power to destroy you. Jesus’ grace is stronger than your own desires to watch sex.


Until God is your chief concern — until sinning against Him is what makes your heart break — you will never turn the corner.


Though the initial stages of temptation seem innocent, fun, and even enjoyable, eventually the sin of indulging in the adulterous woman of porn will take over your life and consume your time, your strength, and your body (Proverbs 5).


I have no statistics on how long the average career is for actresses in pornography, but I’ll bet it’s pretty short. I’m confident there are no porn actresses who are sixty years old. Probably not even forty. Why not? Because selfish men who consume porn like their women young. For such men, there’s no interest in wrinkles, liver spots, or white hair. There’s no attraction in crow’s-feet, varicose veins, and sagging skin. In other words, there’s no interest in real women.


Only arrogant men look at pornography.


Men look at pornography out of an arrogant desire to see women in a way that God does not allow. They show arrogant defiance to God’s commands, rejecting the delight of sexual intimacy in marriage and deciding for themselves what they believe is better — looking at naked women in porn. They show arrogant disregard for God’s call to selfless marital love. They show arrogant derision for the female actresses whom they should be seeking to respect as women who need to hear the good news of Jesus. They show arrogant disdain for their own children by hiding their sin and inviting the enemy into their home and their marriage. They show arrogant disrespect toward all those who would be scandalized if their sin were known. The root problem with men who look at porn is not neediness — it is arrogance.


It is impossible to look at porn and be humble. Because this is true, it gives us a key weapon in the fight against porn.


Porn is the trading of gratitude for greed. Porn trades joy in the reality God has graced you with for greed in the counterfeit world He has not.


Though you may initially be drawn to Christ out of your great need to be free from pornography, your struggle against this sin is just the beginning of God’s greater purpose in saving you. You are saved, not just to be free from pornography, but to know and experience the joy of walking with Jesus, of following Him, and of becoming more and more like Him.


A living, breathing relationship with the Savior of the world will drive porn out of your life quicker than anything else. When you turn your eyes to Jesus, there isn’t room for anything else in your heart because He fills it up. When you open the blinds of a pitch-black room, the sunlight drives away the darkness.


Pornography is a wholly selfish act that eclipses the concerns, needs, and well-being of everyone around you (1 Thessalonians 4:3–7).


If you are trusting in Jesus, pornography will never have the final say in your life. Forty-five zillion years from now, pornography will be nowhere in your mind as you perpetually behold the beauty of the spotless Lamb who was slain for your sin and mine. There is a day coming — and it is not far away — when you will see Jesus himself. When you see Him, He will change you into His perfect likeness.


The narcotizing effects of pornography will not be surrendered without a fight, but there is no fight evident on this culture’s horizon.


The real power of pornography is that it provides men with the ultimate fantasy fulfillment without the risk of emotional rejection that often accompanies relationship with “real” women. In normal sexual relations, our fragile male egos are on the line, and often the slightest rejection of our advances can drive us quickly into seclusion, brooding, and hurt. Pornography solves the problem. There exists a seemingly unceasing supply of super attractive, inviting women, always available, always willing – and who give the impression that each reader (viewer) is very special. Pornographic literature plays with our minds at the deepest levels (Robert Hicks).


In short, pornography and all forms of sexual sin rob men of the godly leadership they are called to provide in the lives of those closest to them; it robs men of confidence in the truths of Scripture and their enthusiasm for things of God; and finally, it undermines the place of God as the supreme Being whom they are called to worship and serve – and replaces Him with a more manageable and predictable object of adoration (John Freeman).


Any and every time we indulge in pornography, we deny the precious gospel truth that every man and woman possesses inherent dignity, not to be solicited and sold for sex, but to be valued and treasured as excellent in the eyes of God. People are not inferior objects to be used and abused for selfish, sexual, sensual pleasure; they are equal image bearers of the God who loves and cares for them. We may scoff at how pre-Civil War churchgoers justified slaves in their backyards, but aren’t we dangerously like them when we participate in pornography (and promote the sex slavery to which it is inextricably tied) in our own homes?


The very pleasure of pornography is the shock of it. This explains the all too familiar phenomena of the downward spiral. Like illicit drugs, each “hit” requires a stronger hit the next time to get the desired effect. What was once delightfully forbidden soon becomes all too commonplace. And so darker perversions are pursued. The path from marijuana to crack cocaine runs parallel to the path from Playboy to pedophilia. It is, in the words of Solomon in the Proverbs, the path to death.


The Internet – a curious combination of fiber optics and silicon has given us a technology that has carpet bombed the last great defense against sexual perversion, shame. The reason for the explosion of online pornography is simple enough. The Internet is the first pornography delivery system that doesn’t require any interaction with a live human being. The only thing standing between millions of men and oceans of pornography fifteen years ago was the public shame of consuming it. The public shame is now gone. There is no longer a convenience store clerk, or video store clerk, or bouncer at the “Gentleman’s Club.” On the Internet it’s just you and the pictures.


Proven Men Ministries undertook to conduct a nationwide study to obtain current and expansive data pertaining to the scope of pornography use and the impact it has on a person’s life, work, marriage, and sexual behaviors.
This part of the survey included questions to capture pornography use or addiction from three different perspectives. First, the participants were asked to identify their frequency of viewing pornography. Second, they were asked if they thought they viewed pornography too much. Third, they were asked if they felt that they were addicted to pornography.
Approximately two-thirds (64%) of U.S. men view pornography at least monthly.
The number of Christian men viewing pornography virtually mirrors the national average
Broken down by age:
Eight in ten(79%) men between the ages of 18 and 30 view pornography monthly.
Two-thirds (67%) of men between the ages of 31 and 49 view pornography monthly.
One-half (49%) of men between the ages of 50 and 68 view pornography monthly.
Christian men are watching pornography at work at the same rate as the national average.
One-third (33%) of men between the ages of 18 and 30 either think that they are addicted or are unsure if they are addicted to pornography.
Combined, 18% of all men either think that they are addicted or are unsure if they are addicted to pornography, which equates to 21 million men.


Pornography is inextricably linked to masturbation for most men. In spite of the blessing the secular world give to this practice, declaring it as normal, we know that it connects to poisonous sexual images in our minds. Masturbation feeds on visual images to excite us. 

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