Quotes about Loneliness


Circumstances in which loneliness may be experienced. May feel lonely when:
1. Guilt causes you to feel separated from God – Ps. 25:16, from other men – Gen. 27:1-29; 32:24; 33:1-17.
2. You feel rejected, abandoned, deserted by others – Jn. 16:32; 2 Tim. 4:16, 17.
1. You are voluntarily or forcefully removed from safe, secure environment.
2. You experience the “let down” after a spiritual victory – I Kings 19:10, 14.
3. Previous successes or popularity have subsided.
4. You have suffered a defeat.
5. You are too busy chasing “success” to relate to others.
6. You are “burned out” after having tried to achieve by self-effort – Jn. 8:29.
7. You are separated from the group by leadership responsibilities, “lonely at the top” – Num. 11:14, 17; Deut. 1:9, 12; Matt 26:38-40.
8. You have suffered the loss of a loved one by death or divorce.
9. You are fearful and timid – I Jn. 4:18.
10. You feel inferior, unworthy, self-condemnation, insecure.
11. You are physically removed or separated from those you know and love.
12. Others reject or ostracize you for being different, or for nonconformity.
13. You fail to resolve conflict and misunderstanding; estrangement.
14. You fail to communicate; avoidance; repression; stuff emotions.
15. You have chosen to “stand alone” against world, sin, religion – Jer. 15:17.
16. Others are not enthused about your interests or project.
17. You don’t take the time to enjoy others and have fun together.
18. You have been prejudged, stereotyped, pegged, put in a box.
19. Your particular talents and abilities and personality are not appreciated.
20. You don’t fit in – economically, intellectually, politically, religiously, etc.
21. You don’t feel connected, bonded, able to relate – emotionally, spiritually.
22. Friends only relate on superficial level; won’t get serious and real.
23. You have been excluded from a particular social grouping.
24. You feel like an outsider, the “odd man out.”
25. Your present responsibilities (parenting, vocation, etc.) preclude or diminish the development of relationships.
26. You retire from your vocation and no longer relate to colleagues daily.
27. Another person is regarded as your “life,” and they can’t meet all your needs.
28. You do not feel a sense of oneness, unity and intimacy with your mate.
29. You have refused to receive the love and intimacy of your mate – SoS. 5:3-6.
30. You have been betrayed by a mate or a friend – Gen. 3:12.
31. You alienate others by your verbosity, accusations, insensitive comments.
32. You alienate others by using them in competitive or economic success.
33. You alienate others by criticism, negativism, sarcasm, pessimism, hostility, cruelty.
34. You alienate others by your selfishness, egotism, or spiritual pride.
35. You make work, projects, things, possessions more important than people.
36. You feel you cannot perform up to expectations.
37. Others are too preoccupied with their concerns to relate with you.
38. Crisis arises and no one offers to listen or assist.
39. You feel left behind by a fast-paced technological society.
40. Children grow up, go to school, leave home.
41. Isolated due to injury; secluded or ignored due to age (Ps. 71:9, 18).


Like Elijah, Jeremiah, Jesus, or Paul, you may be experiencing intense loneliness. A woman does not have to be single to be lonely. She can be married and living with her husband. In fact, her loneliness may be exaggerated because of feeling trapped in a marriage with a man who is withdrawn and aloof. Elijah and Jeremiah were overwhelmed with their loneliness. Jesus and Paul were not. The difference is Elijah and Jeremiah felt sorry for themselves while Jesus and Paul sought refuge in God.


The first negative judgment we find in Holy Writ is a judgment on loneliness. God said, “It is not good for man to be alone.”