Quotes about Holy_Spirit-Joy


Christian joy can only be realized, when Christ reigns there, alone and uninterruptedly. If the world is permitted to occupy a larger share of the affections and the heart – if plain and known duty is neglected – if the means of grace are carelessly used – if in all your efforts, your duties, and your services – whether in the Church or in the world, you do not entreat the Divine blessing and the Divine aid – then the Spirit of God is grieved. He withdraws His cheering influence; and it is utterly impossible to have the peace and joy, which flow from the inward, abiding presence of the Savior – and which is the work – the entire work, of His Divine Spirit, the true and only comforter.


How shall a work please God, if it proceeds from a reluctant and resisting heart? To fulfill the law, however, is to do its works with pleasure and love, and to live a godly and good life of one’s own accord, without the compulsion of the law. This pleasure and love for the law is put into the heart by the Holy Ghost.