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Quotes by William Cowper


And Satan trembles when he sees, the weakest saint upon his knees.


Nature is but a name for an effect whose cause is God.


Christian joy can only be realized, when Christ reigns there, alone and uninterruptedly. If the world is permitted to occupy a larger share of the affections and the heart – if plain and known duty is neglected – if the means of grace are carelessly used – if in all your efforts, your duties, and your services – whether in the Church or in the world, you do not entreat the Divine blessing and the Divine aid – then the Spirit of God is grieved. He withdraws His cheering influence; and it is utterly impossible to have the peace and joy, which flow from the inward, abiding presence of the Savior – and which is the work – the entire work, of His Divine Spirit, the true and only comforter.


Knowledge is proud that she knows so much; wisdom is humble that she knows no more.


The Christian faith is now much more the subject of conversion at friend’s houses than ever I knew it. The doctrines of grace are espoused and relished. Private religious meetings are greatly multiplied. The public assemblies (especially preaching) are much better attended. Listeners were never so attentive and serious. There is indeed an extraordinary appetite after the “sincere milk of the Word.”


At the time of the Reformation the gospel-light broke in upon the church. It drove away the clouds of anti-Christian darkness that covered the church. The power of divine grace followed by the preaching of the Word so that it had visible success in the conversion and edification of souls. The blessed fruits appeared in the hearts and lives of its professors. That was one of “the days of the Son of man.” Then the exalted Redeemer rode forth in His glory and majesty on the white horse of the pure  Gospel, “conquering and to conquer.” The bow in His hand was like that of Jonathan; it returned not empty.


And what else is the cause of all transgression, but that man’s ignorant pride will have his will preferred to the will of God.


The Spirit breathes upon the Word and brings the truth to sight.