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Quotes by Cotton Mather


This is very certain: there is no point of religion, more certainly and commonly rewarded with blessings in this world than that of rendering unto parents the dues that pertain unto them. A signal prosperity, even in this world, usually attends those children who are very obedient or serviceable unto their parents. To those who obey the commandment of their father, thus said the Lord of Hosts, “They shall stand before Me forever.”


Till your children are brought home to God, they are the slaves of devils.  In a word, can your heart endure that your children should be banished from the Lord Jesus Christ, and anguishing under the torments of sin among devils in outer darkness through eternal ages?  Don’t call yourself a parent; you are an ostrich!  Do not call these young ones the children of your compassions; you have no compassion!


Wrestle with the Lord.  Accept no denial.  Earnestly protest, “Lord, I will not let Thee go unless Thou bless this poor child of mine and make it Thine own!”  Do this until, if it may be, your heart is raised by a touch of heaven to a belief that God has blessed this child, and it shall be blessed and saved forever.


God indeed has the Devil in a chain, but has horribly lengthened out the chain.


You can do little for the welfare of your children once you have lost your authority over them. Don’t allow them by your lightness, weakness, and folly, to trample upon you; but keep up so much authority that your word may be a law unto them. Nevertheless, do not let your authority be strained with such harshness and fierceness as may discourage your children. To treat our children like slaves, and with such rigor that they shall always tremble and abhor the idea of coming into our presence, is very unlike our heavenly Father.


Until the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ arrives unto us, the law pronounces unto us nothing but curses; we hear nothing but a thunder of wrath cursing us.


Parents, be exemplary. Your example may do much towards the salvation of your children; your works will more work upon your children than your words; your patterns will do more than your precepts, your copies more than your counsels.