Quotes about Worship-Evangelism


Worship is the lost chord of evangelicalism.


Worship is a holy expression before a holy God. To invite nonbelievers into such a holy process is a precarious thing, and to design worship in such a way as to accommodate their secular mindset is not only ineffective evangelism but also severely compromised worship.


The act of purposefully designing worship to accomplish the goal of evangelism is without biblical precedent… We may worship through evangelism, but never are we instructed to evangelize through worship.


Our drive to evangelize and our desire to grow numerically have led us to “use” worship as a tool to reach the lost. We have gone so far as to turn our worship services, as opposed to evangelistic services, into "seeker-friendly" meetings, so the world will feel at home when they come into the house of God. We should always be sensitive to the unsaved, but nowhere in Scripture are we told to accommodate the world in what God calls the believer to offer to Him.


We do not jettison worship for the sake of evangelism, but evangelize for the sake of the worship.


Evangelism is indeed an act of worship. It is an act of worshipful obedience to the Great Commission of the risen Christ (Matt 28:19-20, cf. Acts 1:8).

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