Quotes about Voting


So what are the issues government should be concerned about? There are many, but personally speaking, none are greater than the need to protect the lives of the unborn. Though I know of Christians that disagree with me on this, but if a man or woman supports abortion, I believe he or she, in my opinion, is immediately disqualified from office. I compare it to a dynamic leader that could be our greatest President in history but wanted to reinstitute the institution of slavery. Immediate disqualification.


Yes, we have a responsibility to vote! “When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when a wicked man rules, people groan” (Prov. 29:2). Because we do live in a republic where our voice counts (“We the people”), we need to know what is most important according to God’s will and determine the politician that best will uphold it.  It’s impossible to say that religion and politics do not mix. Being “salt and light” does not exempt us from the political world. We should influence it. When Christians choose not to vote we open a vacuum to unrighteous legislation that now provides a greater opportunity for evil to thrive and be imposed on the will of the people, including ourselves and future generations. In the Bible, Joseph and Daniel heavily influenced governing leaders and it greatly benefitted God’s people. Likewise, we are called in Galatians 6:10 to “do good to all people.” Why would we want men and women in the office that will introduce and perpetuate unrighteousness in our society? With the blood-bought freedoms we enjoy as a country, thanks to our military heroes, we cannot sit back and refuse to exercise our rights only to further individuals in the office that will not submit to Divine Law or the Constitution.

  1. We must exercise our privilege and responsibility to vote.
  2. We must educate ourselves regarding the platforms of the candidates (what do they believe?).
  3. We must pray and cast our vote in good conscience.
  4. We must trust God that in His sovereignty, ultimately is the one who appoints leaders.
  5. We are not to let politics divide our church or hinder our Gospel outreach.
  6. We must remember that God can use evil leaders to accomplish His eternal plans.
  7. We must trust that God will in all things bring good to His people.
  8. We must submit to whomever is appointed to be our next President.
  9. We must remember that our highest King is the Lord, Jesus Christ.
  10. We must vote not according to feelings or popularity, but rather biblical principles.
  11. Law and order. According to Romans 13, this is God’s calling for civil authorities – to reward good and punish evil.
    1. Sexuality. Where does he/she stand on the biblical definition of marriage between one man and one woman, gender as created by God and the curriculum introduced to our children?
    2. Character. Though we are not electing a pastor, does the man/woman keep his/her word, respect others, deal justly, promote biblical virtues, help the needy, make wise decisions and act as a peacemaker?
    3. Effectiveness. Is he/she a proven leader? Will he/she do what is best for the economy, military, environment, education system and health care. Will he/she appoint conservative justices and strictly follow the Constitution?
    4. Religious Freedom. Does he/she support the church respecting our freedom to worship? Will he/she support our religious convictions, free speech and private education? Will he/she aid Christians persecuted oversees?
    5. Sanctity of life. Does he/she stand for the sacredness of life extending from the unborn to the elderly? Will he/she seek to abolish tax-payer funding for abortion?