Quotes about Profanity


Ten Reasons I Swear:
1. It pleases mother so much.
2. It is a fine mark of manliness.
3. It proves I have self-control.
4. It indicates how clearly my mind operates.
5. It makes my conversation so pleasing to everybody.
6. It leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind as to my good breeding.
7. It impresses people that I have more than an ordinary education.
8. It is an unmistakable sign of culture and refinement.
9. It makes me a very desirable personality to women and children and respectable society.
10. It is my way of honoring God, who said, “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.”


Profanity is wrong not simply because it shocks or disgusts, but at a much deeper level, profanity is wrong because it trashes that which God has declared to be holy and good and beautiful.


Profanity is the use of strong words by weak people.