Quotes about Jesus_Christ-Baptism


His previous life had been that of the Perfect Ideal Israelite – believing, unquestioning, submissive – in preparation for that which, in His thirteenth year, He had learned as its business. The Baptism of Christ was the last act of His private life; and, emerging from its waters in prayer, He learned: when His business was to commence, and how it would be done.


At His baptism Jesus Christ embraced His mission and then heard His Father say, “I’m proud of You, My Son.” The transcendent cause was blessed, affirmed, and “spiked” by the Father’s vocal affirmation. If He held any doubts about His course in life, they were vanished in that one instance. Every temptation He would encounter and all of the hardships He would endure were immediately put into perspective. He embraced His mission, and He was affirmed by His Father, investing the moment with reverential awe.

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