Quotes about Eschatology-Intermediate_State


However abundant the Scriptural data might be regarding the resurrection of believers and their life in heaven, the state of the soul between death and resurrection is rarely referred to in the Bible (Wilbur Smith).


The Intermediate State refers to that period and/or experience of the individual between the time of physical death and bodily resurrection.


The intermediate state for the Christian is immediate transition upon death into the presence of Christ during which time we experience holiness (no longer being at war with the flesh, although final glorification awaits the resurrection), happiness, a heightened sense of consciousness, and knowledge of Christ in its fullest. For the non-Christians a heightened sense of consciousness, but one of torment, agony, irreversible separation from Christ (Luke 16).


As wonderful as the intermediate state is for believers – we are with the Lord – it still falls short of the fullness God has for us when we are given glorified bodies and restored fully into the image of the risen Christ to live with Him forever. So our real hope is the blessed coming of the Lord when the resurrection takes place. The intermediate state is simply a step in that direction, but not the fullness of what God has for us.