Quotes about Diligence


If any man should ask me what is the first, second, and third part of being a Christian, I must answer, “Action!”


Diligence makes the rough places plain, the difficult easy, and the unsavory tasty.


Someone may ask, “But why should I rise early?” To remain too long in bed is a waste of time. Wasting time is unbecoming of a saint who is bought by the precious blood of Jesus. His time and all he has is to be used for the Lord. If we sleep more than is necessary for the refreshment of the body, it is wasting time the Lord has entrusted us to be used for His glory, for our own benefit, and for the benefit of the saints and unbelievers around us… Anyone who spends one, two, three hours in prayer and meditation before breakfast will soon discover the beneficial effect early rising has on the outward and inward man.


Jesus loved the enthusiast, the man who knew what side he was on and threw himself whole-heartedly into the struggle. He liked energetic action, as in the men who climbed the roof and broke a way through for their paralyzed friend, or in Zacchaeus who forgot his dignity and swarmed up a tree. He loved the generous giver. All four Gospels quote His saying, “He who loves life loses it; he who spends keeps.” It sums up His attitude to life. He praised the man who banged on the door till he got an answer; He wanted men to show that kind of determination in the affairs of religion. He praised the widow who badgered the unjust judge into doing justice. He did not like playing for safety or burying one’s talent. It is the peace-makers rather than the peace-keepers whom He blesses. Goodness is a positive active loyalty (Hugh Martin).


Christians should be the most diligent people on the planet. Sadly this is often not the case as we are outspent, outthought and outperformed oftentimes by the very opponents of the Gospel. Is there any cause greater than fighting for the eternal salvation of souls? Is there any book more accurate and relevant and thrilling than the inspired Word of God? Is there any power greater than the Holy Spirit? Is there any god who can compare with our God? Then where is the diligence, the dedication, the determination of His people?


The most useful members of a church are usually those who would be doing harm if they were not doing good.


Following the path of least resistance is what makes rivers and men crooked.


Our work is great, our time short, and our Master urgent.


I am never better than when I am on the full stretch for God.

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