Underlying causes of legalism:

1. Humanistic concept of self-control – “I’m in control of how things go.”

2. Humanistic concept of self-effort, “works” – trying, striving, “I can do it.”

3. False security needs for defined parameters, limitations, borders

4. Work-ethic concept of strict reciprocity – “Get what you work for”

5. Punitive concept of getting what one deserves

6. Traditionalism of maintaining status quo

7. Simplism of dividing life into compartments with instant solutions; fundamentalism. Got a handle on it – all figured out. Instant solutions – don’t have to think or trust.

8. Fear of freedom, of decision-making responsibility (Rom. 8:15)

9. Security need for something that is fixed and static, concrete and tangible. Inordinate need to be safe and right

10. Favorite of sadomasochistic personalities; perfectionists, Pharisees.