If you say that two men living together can provide the same healthy environment as a mom and a dad, you are making a profoundly negative statement about women. You are saying that women, half of the human race, are irrelevant to the raising of children, that they make no unique contribution to the raising of the next generation. It is a profoundly derogatory statement about women. Flip it over on its head: You talk about two lesbians raising a child. You’re making a profoundly negative statement about men, half the human race, dads, fathers; you’re saying they’re unnecessary, irrelevant, children don’t need them. Well, we know from the data that both those statements are flat-out wrong, that kids need a mom and a dad. The data’s on our side. And it’s really those who are trying to destroy the family who should be apologizing for their selfish, self-interested efforts, to radically destroy an institution which has unique benefits for kids…the underlying thrust of the effort to destroy marriage is profoundly anti-child (Josh McDowll and Bob Hostelter).