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Quotes by William Perkins


Preach one Christ by Christ to the praise of Christ.


The Word of God alone is to be preached, in its perfection and inner consistency. Scripture is the exclusive subject of preaching, the only field in which the preacher is to labour.


Godly sorrow causeth grief for sin, because it is sin. It makes any man in whom it is to be of this disposition and mind, that if there were no conscience to accuse, no devil to terrify, no Judge to arraign and condemn, no hell to torment, yet he would be humbled and brought on his knees for his sins, because he hath offended a loving, merciful, and longsuffering God.


First; recreation may not be in the use of holy things, that is, in the use of the Word, sacraments, prayer, or in any act of religion… Second; recreation may not be made of the sins or offenses of men. They ought to be unto us the matter of sorrow and mourning… Third; we may not make recreation of God’s judgments, or of the punishments of sin.


How are we to use recreations?…four special rules: Rule 1. We are to make choice of recreations that are of least offense and of best report. Rule 2. Our recreations must be profitable to ourselves and others, and they must tend also to the glory of God. Rule 3. The end of our recreation must be to refresh our bodies and minds. Rule 4. Recreation must be moderate and sparing, even as the use of meat and drink and rest.


Those families wherein this service of God [family worship] is performed, are (as it were) little churches, yea, even a kind of Paradise upon earth.


[The heart of all preaching is] to preach one Christ, by Christ, to the praise of Christ.


He who would be a faithful minister of the gospel must deny the pride of his heart, be emptied of ambition, and set himself wholly to seek the glory of God in his calling.