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Quotes by Mark Minnick


People need to be discomforted and delivered over to distress by indomitable preaching that insists that if they refuse the love of God extended to them in the Lord Jesus Christ, they are going to be physically tormented! … God is so seriously in earnest about this that during the Tribulation, He will warn people through the loud voice of an angel. This angel will tell them that if they worship the beast or his image or receive his mark, they will be “tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb” (Rev. 14:9-10). You are on the wrong side of this issue if you ridicule sincere preaching that warns “with a loud voice” about the dreadful hurt of hell!


When we preach about hell, then, to what are we referring? Well, if we are speaking about the place in which God has confined some of the fallen angels, then hell is Tartarus, a place to which human beings do not appear to be sent. But if we are speaking about the place to which souls of the unsaved are sent while their bodies await resurrection, then hell is Hades, and it is those passages which mention it that become our texts when warning unbelievers about the hell in which they will be confined immediately at death. However, there is, in addition, a dreadful day looming, following the judgment of the Great White Throne, when both the bodies and the souls of the unsaved shall be cast into a final destination called Gehenna, or the lake of fire.


Your shrinking from this truth about hell is not due to your sympathy with people’s pain. It is due to your lack of sympathy with their pain. God is the one who is sympathetic. He is the one who gave His only begotten Son to rescue us from this misery and to inform us insistently, dogmatically, and compassionately that we are in for an awful end if we persist in unbelief. Don’t say that you feel for people when you blunt the edge of the word of the Spirit. What have you ever done that shows that you truly feel for sinners’ eternal pain? Denying the truth of God’s Word about it certainly offers them no help whatsoever.