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Quotes by John Boys


The word work forbids loitering and the word ministry lording.


The best way to reconcile two disagreeing families is to make some marriage between them: Even so, the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us in the world that He might hereby make our peace, reconciling God to man and man to God. By this happy match the Son of God is become the Son of Man, even flesh of our flesh, and bone of our bones; and the sons of men are made the sons of God.


The saints of God are sealed inwardly with faith, but outwardly with good works.


The resurrection of Christ is the Amen of all His promises.


As death is the last enemy; so pride the last sin that shall be destroyed in us.


The thief doth send one only to the devil; the adulterer two; but the slanderer hurteth three; himself, the party to whom, and the party of whom he telleth his tale.


As the Lord loveth a cheerful giver, so likewise a cheerful thanksgiver.


Christ was offered twice; first in the temple, which is called His morning sacrifice; then on the cross, which is termed His evening sacrifice. In the one He was redeemed, in the other He did redeem.


The servants of the Lord are to sing His praises in this life to the world’s end; and in the next life world without end.