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Quotes by Edmund Clowney


When Protestants speak of going to church…they are not thinking of a building but of a congregation. The congregation, not the building is holy… The church is holy because the congregation is the house of God.


Jesus endorsed the inspiration of the Old Testament, not only as “full” or “plenary,” but even “literal” in the sense that the very letters of the words were inspired (see Matthew 5:17-18).


Union with Christ is the central doctrine of how God dwells with us. That union is the work of the Holy Spirit, sent from Christ’s throne in glory. We are not only united to Christ as our representative, living, dying and rising for us; we are also united to Christ vitally by the presence of His Spirit.  He has not left us as orphans. He comes to us, and He dwells among us in our hearts and in our gatherings as His church.


If the disciples thought children too small or unimportant for the serious work of the kingdom, they were wrong. Jesus welcomes children, takes them in His arms and declares that of such is the kingdom of heaven. The force of His words is clear. He does not say merely that the kingdom of heaven is for the childlike. He says that the kingdom belongs to them; it is made up of children and of those who come as children.

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