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Quotes by Dwight Pentecost


The great need across evangelicalism is exposition of the Scriptures. I sense there is a departure from that, even amongst some of our own grads who are entertaining the people, giving the people what they want, whereas we are called to teach the Word. It is the Word that is the power of God to salvation; it is the Word that is the power for Christian living, and (the Word should be) the center of their ministry. It may not be popular, it may not build mega-churches, but it will fulfill that to which they are called upon to do in ministry.


God does not promise material rewards to those who become His and who give themselves completely to the Person of Christ. He may turn a man’s material prosperity into poverty that God might teach Him the lesson of the sufficiency of Jesus Christ. God might strip away what a man has to show a man where His love actually was so that a man might become a disciple of Christ. We have no promise that our bank accounts will automatically double when we commit ourselves to Him.


When did the servant have the right to give orders to his master? When did the bondslave have a right to question the commands of his Lord? By what right do you who know Jesus Christ as a personal Savior sit in judgment on the Word of God and the will of God when God demands absolute obedience to it?