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Quotes by Dennis Rainey


Authentic communication is much more than just talking. It is understanding and being understood; identifying a tone of voice; detecting nonverbal cues; responding appropriately to offense; resolving conflicts; knowing what to say, when to say it and how to say it; experiencing the risks and rewards of knowing and being known; and much more.


The core role of a husband is to be a servant-leader, leading as Christ leads and loving as Christ loves. The wife’s core response to this leadership is submission. The core role for a wife is to be a helper-homemaker, filling the gaps in her husband’s life and prioritizing her life around home and family. The husband’s core response to his wife is praise and honor.


God owns it all and [you] are stewards of His resources… Because you are stewards of the resources God has entrusted to you, every financial decision you make is actually a spiritual decision. For many, that’s a revolutionary concept. How you manage your finances is a pretty good barometer for the condition of your spiritual life.


[To fulfill their God-given role, husbands are to:] Take the initiative to be the spiritual leader in the home – to pray, to worship at church, and to study God’s Word.  Take the initiative to see that finances are in order, needs are met and your wife feels financially secure.  Take the initiative to ask forgiveness, resolve conflict and ensure your home is a place of encouragement and safety.


Just like Adam, you must individually receive your mate as God’s provision for your need for companionship. Receiving your mate demonstrates your faith in God’s integrity. Adam’s focus was on God’s flawless character, not Eve’s performance. He knew God and knew that God could be trusted. Adam enthusiastically received Eve because he knew she was from God. Adam’s faith in God enabled him to receive Eve as God’s perfect provision for him.