Quotes about Greed


The sin is not in having more, the sin is being discontent. The sin is not in having wealth, the sin is in what you do with it. It’s not the amount, it’s the attitude… It’s not about what you have, it’s about how you feel about what you have.


The problem with greed is not so much seen in our possessions, but rather what is possessing our hearts.


Our Lord says to be on your guard against “every form of greed” in Luke 12:15. The way I see it, greed is the interlocking component that cements so many other sins together. If the heart is self-focused, looking for status in worldly stuff, it will be materialistic. More is always equivalent with success – admiration from others, joy in possessions, fulfillment in things.  Thus a materialistic heart will be produced. The heart will always want more. Greed is then the result. The comparison game will begin. The result will be more sins like boasting (because we have more) or coveting, jealousy and envy (because we have less) – leading to a general attitude sins like discontentment and ingratitude and selfishness. All this concludes (and comes full circle) with the worship of a false god, the chief sin of idolatry (notice the connection in Eph. 5:5 and Col. 3:5).


Like a dog chasing its tail, we are running around chasing someone else who will always have more. And in the process of our misplaced priorities, we are empty, others are unloved (often in our family) and true God is ignored. Greed is a foolish investment. Plenty to live on, but nothing to live for.


Don’t be greedy for the temporary and trivial things of this world. Find your joy in life in what really matters: Salvation from hell. The necessities to live. The opportunity to serve others. A strong marriage. A loving family. A good church. That’s the meaningful stuff that will warm your heart. And greed in those areas is actually good and furthers more joy. Pursue more; just pursue it in the right domains. Abundant life does not come in abundant possessions (Lk. 12:15). Pursue the abundant life that Jesus promised (Jn. 10:10).


Rich people are greedy for the same reason poor people are greedy, because they are people. Gratitude, not poverty, cures greed.

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