Quotes about Environment


Though God created the world, like us it has suffered the destructive causes of the Fall. As He cares about the restoration of mankind, so He is glorified when His orderliness, beauty and symmetry are restored to the world.


We should be concerned for the environment because it is a way to show our care and concern for people. It is important to seek to make this the best of possible worlds so that God’s beauty can be seen by unbelievers and believers alike. The beauty of nature points to the beauty of God. The beauty of God, wherever observed, is the means whereby God is glorified (Psm. 19:1).


I do think we have a responsibility to care for the environment – we ought to care for every resource God has provided for us.


I’ve told environmentalists that if they think humanity is wrecking the planet, wait until they see what Jesus does to it.


God’s sovereignty never excuses man to be lazy or irresponsible. But knowing that He is in control should guard Christian people from the doomsday mentality that characterizes the global warming movement.