Quotes about Dignity


Dignified individuals have put the childish ways of gossip and complaining and faultfinding behind them. They are  seen in the church as people of respect, not only because of their inherent age, but also because of their Christian maturity. They are individuals of integrity and character above reproach. They avoid pursuing, being consumed with the triviality of life. They are serious, not entertained by the offbeat humor of modern sit-coms. They live their days in the light of eternity, knowing how to manage their appearance and time and money and energies that reflect the true priorities of life of God, family, church and career. Their love for God and people is so evident that others respect them and naturally come to them for counsel. A dignified person has nothing to disgrace his or her character in the sight of man or God. When people look at your personal life, family life, financial life, church life, professional life, do they see a person of dignity?


I am always impressed with the dignity our Savior displayed in the final days of His earthly life. Silent in speech during ridiculous charges. Fearless and courageous in the face of torture and death. Control of all His emotions. Love for others in His most desperate hours. Honoring the Father’s will without hesitation.


Let no one imagine that he will lose anything of human dignity by this voluntary sell-out of his all to his God. He does not by this degrade himself as a man; rather he finds his right place of high honor as one made in the image of his Creator. His deep disgrace lay in his moral derangement, his unnatural usurpation of the place of God. His honor will be proved by restoring again that stolen throne. In exalting God over all, he finds his own highest honor upheld.