Quotes about Death-Difficulties


Too many Christians feel that grief is wrong, that we’re supposed to rejoice when a loved one goes to be with the Lord. While we can rejoice in their homegoing, we can also grieve our loss.


Death is the moment of destiny; the seal of eternity; the cessation of probation; the commencement of retribution and judgment! The antecedents of death are dreadful – so are the accompaniments – so are the consequences! To every sense – death is revolting! To every social affection – death is crucifying! To reason – death is perplexing!  To everything but saving faith – death is overwhelming!


Ah! It is a fearful thing to leave the company of living men, and lie down in the narrow house, with a shroud for our only clothing, a coffin for our couch, and the worm for our companion.  It is humiliating, it is loathsome.


A godly man is free from the sting, but not from the stroke, from the curse, but not from the cross of death.

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C.S. Lewis