Quotes about Cynicism


There is no surer mark of backsliding and falling off in grace than an increasing disposition to find fault, pick holes, and see weak points in others.


Often those who are really bound in the sin of cynicism demonstrate all of these unpleasant traits. These traits are super easy to observe in others either through one’s critical comments or glum facial expressions. They see the glass always half full. They are the princes of pessimism. They crush any excitement in a room. They destroy morale in any team. They major on the negative. They are quick to see the worst. Whenever they want to meet, it’s always problem related. They squash good ideas and the potential from others. They are grumpy. They complain about everything. They are the party of “no.” They have a problem with everyone and everything. They are experts at discovering everybody’s flaws except their own. They stand as the self-appointed judges of the world and measure others by their own standards of righteousness. And they often look as friendly as a rattlesnake.


Are you a cynic? Let’s take a moment for a little self-examination. Do you have difficulty seeing people and situations from a positive perspective? Are you quick to point out problems in a situation, but rarely if ever offer solutions? Do you give suggestions without ever offering to help? Do you speak negatively of others behind their backs? Do you find it easy to complain? Are you one that is rarely seen smiling? Are you often compelled to give a critical opinion in your effort to “help?” Do you assume the worst in someone? Do you fear failure? Do you judge others motives? Are you harsh, insensitive or abrasive? Do you delight in airing your own opinion? Do you negate someone’s idea without ever considering it? Do you enjoy passing judgment? Do others have difficulty being in your company and sharing their thoughts with you?


A cynical attitude is from the dark side. It’s not how the Lord treats us. It’s of the flesh and the world and whether it’s intended or not, it shows a lack of trust in God and total disregard for others. Instead of worshipping God, a cynic basically worships himself. Simply put, a cynical attitude is a prideful attitude.


One reason people are cynical is that they are not finding their identity fully in Christ. They understand they fall short of some self-prescribed standard. They look to who they are in the perspective of others. They are discontent with their weaknesses and jealous of the strengths of others. In lacking humility, they can’t imagine anyone revealing their insufficiencies. Often these people like to find fault in others, not only to make themselves look better, but also to keep others on the defense so the table is never turned on them. It’s insecurity. It’s self-protection. It’s a problem with the need to always be in control.