Quotes about Compromise


Suffering is common for all. However, persecution (which is a form of suffering) can be avoided. All you have to do is compromise.


Compromise is but the sacrifice of one right or good in the hope of retaining another – too often ending in the loss of both.


There is a fine line between healthy parental love and child worship. We know the latter has happened when we begin compromising God’s will for the sake of our children or their activities… Compromise always points to idolatry. It displeases God. He does not like competitors, especially when they are our children.


Here is the great evangelical disaster – the failure of the evangelical world to stand for truth as truth. There is only one word for this – namely accommodation. The evangelical church has accommodated to the world spirit of the age. First, there has been accommodation on Scripture, so that many who call themselves evangelicals hold a weakened view of the Bible and no longer affirm the truth of all the Bible teaches – truth not only in religious matters but in the areas of science and history and morality… This accommodation has been costly, first in destroying the power of the Scriptures to confront the spirit of our age; second, in allowing the further slide of our culture. Thus we must say with tears that it is the evangelical accommodation to the world spirit around us, to the wisdom of this age, which removes the evangelical church from standing against the breakdown of our culture.


Compromise with the culture is often the result when we lose a reverence and respect for the Lord. It’s the “Jesus won’t mind” attitude. To overcome compromise we need to remove our fear of offending the world and recapture a healthy fear of the Lord that our God expects and demands.


Did you ever notice how recent major theological shifts in the church (acceptance of evolution, fornication, so-called “gay marriage,” self-esteem, etc.), have not come as a result of Christians studying their Bibles. Rather, the shifts have come from the pressure of the world that has persuaded Christians to believe contrary to what is in their Bible.


I would not utter what I believed to be a falsehood concerning the Lord, even though the evil one offered me the bait of saving all mankind thereby.


Even a dead dog can swim with the tide.


Sometimes the majority only means that all the fools are on the same side.