Quotes about Compassion


The bread that is spoiling in your house belongs to the hungry. The shoes that are mildewing under your bed belong to those who have none. The clothes stored away in your trunk belong to those who are naked.


Compassion is the deep feeling of sharing in the suffering of another and the desire to relieve that suffering.


True compassion is when you are the one who bears the burden and pays the price.


Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is surely the ugliest thing in the world.


Our response to those in the world is not to envy or admire them in their rejection of God. It’s not even to condemn them by wagging a Pharisaic finger of self-righteousness. Jesus said He did not come the first time to condemn the world. He came that the world might be saved through Him. Likewise, our job is to have compassion on the world – no different than the way Jesus did when they tortured and mocked Him on the cross – to point people to forgiveness in Jesus Christ. Judgment is His job and as we just witnessed in Revelation 14, that’s exactly what He will do when He comes a second time.


Love your fellowmen, and cry about them if you cannot bring them to Christ. If you cannot save them, you can weep over them. If you cannot give them a drop of cold water in hell, you can give them your heart’s tears while they are still in this body.