Quotes about Christian-Worldview


A God-centered worldview brings every issue, question, and cultural concern into submission to all that the Bible reveals, and frames all understanding within the ultimate purpose of bringing greater glory to God. This task of bringing every thought captive to Christ requires more than haphazard Christian thinking, and is to be understood as the task of the church and not merely the concern of individual believers. The recovery of the Christian mind and the development of a comprehensive Christian worldview will require the deepest theological reflection, the most consecrated application of scholarship, the most sensitive commitment to compassion, and the courage to face all questions without fear.


We teach our children about the world and the Bible. We teach them that the world is bad (1 Jn. 2:15). And we teach them that the Bible is good (Pr. 16:20). That is true, but our children are rarely taught (guided) as to how the two intersect with each other. The result is that they will either be seduced by the world or they will be cocooned from the world. Both are useless to Jesus. The desired biblical mindset is when Christians reject the influence of the world (see it for the deceptive garbage that it is), but desire to love and influence those trapped the world.


I always find it so amazing when you allow people to present their religious conviction, or we could say, “their worldview.” In other words, what helps them believe they will have a successful life after death or what gives them hope, strength and happiness? Often, they come up with some customized cocktail personally created composed of conversations and experiences they have picked up along the way. Take a few marvel movies. Add a memorable talk with the bartender after the night club closed. Sprinkle in some new age reasoning. Add a pinch of Confucius. Take some of the current talking points from “The View.” Insert a splash of your own intuition and there you go! A customized worldview, one that everyone in the history of humanity has missed, but they are absolutely certain they are correct, and they are willing to base their life and eternity on it.

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