When skeptics have tried to disprove Christianity, they most often aim their gums at the Resurrection. Disprove the Resurrection and our entire faith crumbles. Even the Bible supports that! But yet when under close and critical scrutiny, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ has the greatest support. Many knew the right tomb to enter as eyewitnesses of Jesus’ burial. The disciples were not hallucinating. They didn’t steal the body. How could they have overcome the guards? Moreover, they didn’t even believe there would be a resurrection. The Romans were masters at killing people. They ensured Jesus was dead. They had no reason to steals the body. Their reputation was on the line. And the Jews actually feared a fake resurrection. They would have been the last ones to remove the body. Everyone wanted to see the body in the grave that Sunday morning, included the women who first visited. No one could produce the body once it disappeared. As possibly the silliest belief – the so-called “Swoon Theory.” That Jesus never died, was revived from the cold air in the tomb, pushed aside the massive stone by Himself from the inside and as a weakened and bloody mess convinced the disciples He was the victorious risen Lord.