What does it mean when we read of Christians needing to “all agree” (1 Cor. 1:10) and be “of the same mind” (Phil. 2:2)? On the lowest level, all of us have personal interests with no spiritual significance. I like to call these “preferences.” Your favorite ice cream flavor. Where you choose to vacation. What you think makes a person attractive. Unless you are an egotistical moron, you respect the phrase, “to each their own.” On the middle level are non-salvific spiritual conclusions on how to live your life. These are the issues where Christians must decide, but often (even within the same church) have different perspectives. I call these “convictions,” or we could say “non-essentials.” Watching movies. How to school your children. Women’s clothing. What to do with Halloween. In these things, we respect another’s freedom (or liberty) in Christ. Then at the top level are the essentials for salvation and church unity. The doctrine of justification by faith. Obeying the Bible. Sharing Christ with others. These are the essentials and it’s in these things and these things alone we have unity – total agreement.