Nineteen Ways to Exasperate Your Child
1. Failure to be happy, hopeful and confident in God
2. Endless criticism/fault-finding
3. Failure to listen
4. Nagging/deriding their efforts
5. Constant yelling
6. Failure to spend time individually with children
7. Unfair, harsh, inconsistent, or nonexistent discipline
8. Conflicting messages
9. Unwillingness to admit personal sin/seek child’s forgiveness
10. Unapproachable disposition
11. Deferred aggression
12. Lack of encouragement/compliments
13. Overprotection
14. Partiality/favoritism between children
15. Setting unrealistic goals/expectations
16. Failure to show love/affection
17. Neglect (physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually)
18. Lack of standards/double standards
19. Unwillingness to model desired behavior.