Is suicide the unpardonable sin? People have often taken this view because suicide leaves no room for repentance; a person enters eternity with unconfessed and therefore unforgiven sin. But:

1. Nowhere does the Bible say that suicide is an unforgiveable or unpardonable sin.

2. The Bible teaches that all sin, past, present, and future, is forgiven through faith in the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Eternal destiny is sealed and set at the moment of justifying faith. Our depth of intimacy, fellowship and joy is certainly affected adversely when we fail to confess and repent of daily sin. But our eternal destiny has already and forever been determined. We must recognize the distinction between the eternal forgiveness of the guilt of sin that is ours the moment we embrace Jesus in faith, and that temporal forgiveness of sin we receive on a daily basis that enables us to experience the happiness of intimacy with the Father.

3. Numerous instances of sudden death may bring a Christian into eternity before he/she had opportunity to confess and repent. Common sense reveals that many, if not most, of us will die with unrepented sins.