How much does the modern concept of dating really prepare us for a healthy biblical marriage? Marriage=Stick together during the rough times. Dating=Bail when the going gets tough. Marriage=Sexual purity with one person. Dating=Sexual freedom among many partners. Marriage=Promotes sexual fidelity. Dating=Promotes sexual sin. Marriage=Prioritizing the desires of another. Dating=Fulfilling your own personal desires. Marriage=Love is based on action. Dating=Love is based on feelings. Marriage=Seeks accountability. Dating=Lacks accountability. Marriage=Lifetime commitment with one person. Dating=Creates an appetite for variety/change. Marriage=Dedicational. Marriage=Recreational. Marriage=Giving your heart to one. Dating=Giving your heart to many. Marriage=Serving the church as a team. Dating=Isolation from the church. Marriage=Character is considered and developed. Dating=Character is devalued and ignored. Marriage=Ultimate dedication is to God. Dating=Ultimate dedication is to boy/girlfriend.