Creation, as done often in Scripture, is personified as always responding rightly to God. Verse 13 and 28 of Psalm 104 talk about creation being satisfied, creation obeying God (verse 19) and creation waiting on God (verse 27). Verse 32, “He looks at the earth, and it trembles; He touches the mountains, and they smoke.” This speaks of a reverent response from creation simply due to a look or touch from its Creator. Obviously, creation does not think for itself, but the point is that God has hardwired creation to bring Him glory. And that not only shines light on God’s glory but is also casts shame on the human race. Reason being is because we have been created above the rest of creation with the ability to think for ourselves and for the distinct purpose of glorifying God. And while inanimate creation is satisfied with God, obeys God, waits on God and respects God, quite often humans, who should be first in line for the aforementioned do exactly the opposite (cf. Gen. 6:6).