Because we often associate hospitality with our homes, here are some ways in which we can use those homes for the good of others. We can offer our homes for:

1. Home Bible Studies.

2. Home Cell Groups.

3. A place for traveling evangelists or conference speakers.

4. A place for visiting missionaries.

5. Sunday School parties.

6. Hosting singles’ groups.

7. Hosting youth activities.

8. Hosting dinners for the staff or pastors.

9. Providing dinners for international students.

10. Hosting Christian singing groups who may be traveling in our area.

11. A temporary place to stay for those families who move into our area.

12. Hosting dinners for the senior members of the church (golden agers).

13. A place for various church committees to meet.

14. A place where children can be provided for when their mothers need a day out.

15. By taking in people who do not have a home.