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Quotes by Thomas Fuller


Riches may leave us while we live, we must leave them when we die.


If I speak what is false, I must answer for it; if truth, it will answer for me.


He that knows nothing will believe anything.


Among the many arguments to prove the penmen of the Scripture inspired by the Spirit of God, this is not the last and least- that the penmen of Holy Writ do record their own faults and the faults of their dearest and nearest relatives. For instance hereof, how coarsely doth David speak of himself: “So foolish was I, and ignorant; I was as a beast before Thee.” And do you think that the face of St. Paul did look the more foul by being drawn with his own pencil, when he says, “I was a murderer, a persecuter, the greatest of sinners,” etc?… Moses sets down the sin and punishment of his own sister, the idolatry and superstition of Aaron his brother, and his own fault in his preposterous striking the rock.


As for those parents who will not use the rod upon their children, I pray God He useth not their children as a rod for them.


Riches are long in getting with much pains, hard in keeping with much care, quick in losing with more sorrow.


God’s works are never above right, though often above reason.


You cannot repent too soon, because you do not know how soon it may be too late.


If God should have no more mercy on us than we have charity to one another, what would become of us?


A father that [disciplined] his son for swearing, and swore himself whilst he [disciplined] him, did more harm by his example than good by his correction.


Hope is the only tie which keeps the heart from breaking.