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Quotes by Sherry Allchin


The fear of the Lord is: a choice (Pr 1:29), the principle part of knowledge (Pr 1:7), to hate evil (Pr 8:13), not to envy sinners (Pr 23:17), his treasure (Isa 33:6). The benefits of fearing the Lord: strong confidence (Pr 14:26), fountain of life (Pr 14:27), instruction of wisdom (Pr 15:33), tends to life (Pr 19:23), satisfaction (Pr 19:23), protection (Pr 19:23), riches, honor, life (Pr 22:4), God’s covenant revealed (Ps 25:12-14) and increased trust in God; no fear (Ps 112:1,7,8).


Something happens that produces tension and you responds in sinful fear, which increases the tension and produces an even greater fear response. Even more tension is produced with still another fear response greater than before. This cycle can go on, feeling as if it will never end, until panic has overwhelmed you and physical symptoms are in charge rather that sound-mind thinking. The more you try not to fear, the more fearful of the fear you become and the more you feel controlled by it.


Fear is selfish because it about protecting myself, my feelings, my stuff, rather than asking how I could heartily show love to God and others. Love reaches out to give and to meet the needs of another, but fear focuses on what I might lose, making me move away from the problem. Love causes me to work toward solutions even when I don’t really feel like doing that. Fear makes my world grow smaller and smaller as I seclude, hesitate, and self-protect. Love is so powerful it can cast out my fear when I allow God’s love to flow in me and through me!


Fear is self-protecting. Love is self-giving. Fear asks, “What will I lose?” Love asks, “What can I give to others?” Fear moves away from the problem. Love moves toward the problem. Fear secludes self. Love reaches out beyond self. Fear hesitates. Love moves ahead. Fear can be cast out. Love can cast out fear.


What is “fear of God?” Living with an acute awareness of His loving hand in every area of
my life, guiding me through the revealed Word of God, and recognizing that only when I trust
and obey Him can life have true meaning and purpose for me. To fear God is to love Him so
intensely that I fear doing anything that might grieve Him.