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Quotes by Robert Mounce


Redemptive history remains incomplete until Christ returns. It is for the final act in the great drama of redemption that the church awaits with longing.


All caricatures of God which ignore His intense hatred for sin reveal more about man than about God. In a moral universe God must of necessity oppose evil.


Faith is the steady trust which never wavers.


The world has always shown hostility to the message of God – a truth which ought to give some concern to the contemporary church existing for the most part rather comfortably in a world of increasing wickedness.


Patience is the steadfast endurance in the midst of persecution.


Society set free from God is its own worst enemy.


God’s wrath is not the outworking of impersonal laws of retribution which are built into the structure of reality, but the response of a righteous God to man’s adamant refusal to accept His love. The Greek word refers to anger which is passionate and vehement.


The guilty conscience has made man a fugitive from God.


God’s stern hatred of evil is a necessary part of His love for man.


The hour of trial [in Revelation 3:10] is directed toward the entire non-Christian world, but the believer will be kept from it, not by some previous appearance of Christ to remove the church bodily from the world, but by the spiritual protection He provides against the forces of evil.

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