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Quotes by Richard Owen Roberts


Giving “spiritual” encouragement in a biblical sense must mean to encourage based from a standpoint of absolute Truth as opposed to opinion, conjecture or hope. “Spiritual” encouragement, therefore, will be consistent, traceable back to the Bible and rooted in biblical principle.


Spiritual encouragement, therefore, is applying biblical principles to every situation with a view toward bringing each person into right relationship with God. At times spiritual encouragement may “feel”’ harsh. It may not be what one “desires” to hear. That may be true regardless of how gentle the words are which are used. As people fallen from grace we often don’t want to hear the truth. We often just want to hear what will make us feel better. In the end, however, only true spiritual encouragement can be used by God to touch the soul of one.


[Revival] only come when He sends it.  He only sends it when His people need it.  Surely we His people need it now.


Is it any wonder the love of tradition is an enemy to revival? Revival and new life go hand in hand… Let every church realize that the inordinate love of tradition is a great opponent to revival… When a church slays the love of tradition, a major obstacle to revival will be slain with it.


Can a self-called man preach with the same authority as a God-called preacher?  Can a man whose confidence in the Holy Scriptures is shaken by personal doubts preach with the authority of the man whose whole heart, soul and mind are dominated by conviction concerning the absolute accuracy of the Bible?  Can a man whose own conscience rises up in condemnation of him for some secret sin in his life preach with the same authority as the man whose conscience condemns him not (I John 3:21-22)?


The only path to pleasure is in pleasing God.


To teach is to inform! To preach is to move!


Multitudes who come to church for comfort need to be severely discomfited and awakened out of their lethal slumbering.


Which receives the greatest attention: the ornamentation of your words and phrases, or prayer for empowerment from the Holy Spirit? Which is your greater focus: exciting pleasure in the people and praise for the preacher, or reducing the impenitent to tears of contrition and repentance? After which does your heart clamor: the pleasure of knowing that your sermon has been remarkably good, or joy in seeing your people radically affected by the truth of God?


Christians without courage are a strange and pathetic contradiction and a constant hindrance to revival.


If the preacher is called by men, he may sensibly give those who called him what they want, but what if the preacher is called by God?  How can he dare speak less than all the truth of God?


Your life as a Christian is seemingly full of Christ and there is no room for self, but an aggressive sin comes in and wiggles his way in, crowding out Christ just a little bit. You give place to this sin and soon another does the same thing. Sin by sin, error by error, selfishness by selfishness, the backsliding continues until you are virtually empty of Christ and full of self.


Are You Backsliding?

1. Prayer ceases to be a vital part of your life.

2. The quest for biblical truth ceases.

3. Biblical knowledge is not applied inwardly.

4. Thoughts are predominately earthly and not heavenward.

5. The church service loses its delight.

6. Spiritual discussions are a source of embarrassment.

7. More time is devoted to recreation and entertainment than the Word and prayer.

8. Sins can be committed without any violation of the conscience.

9. Aspirations for Christlike holiness cease to dominate your life and thinking.

10. Your mind is focused on the acquisition of money and goods.

11. Religious songs can be mouthed without engaging the heart.

12. When hearing the Lord’s Name taken in vain, you are not moved to indignation.

13. Watching degrading movies becomes entertaining and acceptable.

14. Breaches of peace in the church are of no concern.

15. The slightest excuse keeps you from your spiritual duties.

16. The lack of spiritual power is met with contentment.

17. Personal sins are pardoned by a belief that the Lord understands.

18. An adjustment to the world is made with ease.

19. Nothing is done to relieve the misery and suffering which exists around you.

20. There is no concern for the lost or sharing the gospel.