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Quotes by Reb Bradley


Dating is like a minefield laden with live bombs that destroy or wound almost everyone who enters it. If this field takes the lives of 43% of all Christian young people and wounds almost all others, why do we keep sending our children into it? Would we put our children on a plane that had a 43% chance of crashing, or give them food that had a 43% chance of being poisoned? No? Why, then, do we take risks with them morally?


Courtship=It is engaged in for exploring a relationship for marriage. Dating=It is engaged in for the purpose of personal gratification. Courtship=It is a means to an end. It is engaged in only when ready to marry. Dating=It is an end in itself. It is engaged in years before ready to marry, or as a substitute for marriage. Courtship= It requires parental involvement (except with remarriage). Dating=It generally discourages parental involvement. Courtship=It limits the number of premarital relationships developed. Dating=It provides extensive opportunities to develop multiple relationships. Courtship= It considers all physical contact a privilege of those who have bound themselves for life with marriage vows. Dating=It promotes various levels of physical contact, from holding hands to fornication. Courtship=It rarely leaves couples alone or unchaperoned. Dating=It provides extensive time for unmarried couples to be alone.