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Quotes by Norman Geisler


There may be some theoretical chance that wind and rain erosion could produce the face of four presidents on the side of a mountain, but it is still far more reasonable to assume that an intelligent sculptor created Mount Rushmore.


Belief in miracles does not destroy the integrity of scientific methodology, only its sovereignty. It says in effect that science does not have a sovereign claim to explain all events as natural, but only those that are regular, repeatable and/or predictable.


Even those who believe in [modern] tongues acknowledge that unsaved people have tongues experiences. There is nothing supernatural about them. But there is something unique about speaking complete and meaningful sentences and discourses in a knowable language to which one has never been exposed. This is what the real New Testament gift of tongues entailed. Anything short of this, as “private tongues” are, should not be considered the biblical gift of tongues.

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Norman Geisler


Norman Geisler