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Quotes by Lawrence Richards


Worldliness is not a matter of engaging in those practices that some question. It is unthinkingly adopting the perspectives, values and attitudes of our culture, without bringing them under the judgment of God’s Word. It is carrying on in our lives as if we did not know Jesus.


But what is the nature of our freedom [in Christ]? It is not release from all restraint. It is not license to indulge our sinful nature. Our freedom is the freedom to “serve one another in love” [Gal. 5:13]. It is possible to do so, because the Holy Spirit enables us to act in ways that are contrary to the natural impulses of our sinful nature. Walking by the Spirit, we are released from the old master that produces hatred, jealousy, fits of rage, envy, and such. We are released to be loving, patient, kind, faithful and good.


Our union with Jesus is the basis for bond with our fellow Christians. Because that bond is so vital and real, we can live with each other in an intimacy impossible in every other setting.


Both anxiety and worry spring from natural and legitimate concerns that are part of life in this world. But legitimate concerns are handled wrongly when they do one or more of the following:

1. Become dominating concerns in our life and lead to fear.

2. Destroy our perspective on life and cause us to forget that God exists and cares.

3. Move us to drift into an attitude of constant worry and concern over a future we cannot control.