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Quotes by John Muether


As the manifestation of the invisible church to the world in time and place, the visible church, though imperfect, remains the true church, because it displays the marks of the church: the Word, sacraments, and discipline. And it is the only church that we can see and fellowship with; we have no Gnostic recourse to any other church than the visible church.


Church officers must exercise…authority with a theology of the cross. As servants of Christ, they are servants of Chris’s people, and their power is for the building up of the church. That power is limited to what the Word of God commands, and temptations to add to or subtract from it must be resisted. The church has no right to bind consciences of its members without warrant from the Word.


Contrary to contemporary wisdom, the Bible teaches that one cannot yield to the authority of the Word without submitting to the authority of the church.


A child without a family is an orphan to be pitied. A man without a country is a refugee to be welcomed. A Christian without a church is, well, a typical American evangelical.