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Quotes by John Collins


For it is not what a church practices, but what it is warranted to practice:  not what it holds for a truth, but what it is warranted to hold as the word of truth.  The Word was written after the church; but as it is the Word of God, it is before it.


I will give you this as a most certain observation, that there never was anything of false doctrine brought into the church, or anything of false worship imposed upon the church, but either it was by neglecting the Scripture, or by introducing something above the Scripture.


The devil has three ways by which he makes men seek after him. First, commonly he covers holiness with other names. Secondly, he persuades men that sins are but little. Thirdly, that they may be repented of hereafter.


You are to follow no man further than he follows Christ.


The Gospel gets really more advantage by the holy, humble sufferings of one saint, simply for the Word of righteousness, than by ten thousand arguments used against heretics and false worship.