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Quotes by John Armstrong


Truth is an inevitable expression of our concern with God – God who is the measure of all things, who reveals to us His mind. He reveals His mind to us in the words of sacred Scripture so that we might hear and understand the mind of God.


To not love and embrace the truth, to not worship God in Spirit and in truth, invites spiritual destruction (2 Thes. 2:8 ff). It is not a matter of “a better way,” or “the best way,” it is a matter of the only way. If you would know God, you must know Him “in truth” and you must worship Him “in truth.”


[Theology] is the study of God. It is the inquiry of God.  It is the searching and understanding of God and the meaning of His word, His truth and His revelation. It is the activity of thinking: thinking about God and asking ultimate questions. It is the activity that thought produces speech, and speech produces a reflection…


To reject theology is to reject the knowledge of God, which is never an option for believers.


[The preacher is] the man of God who is set on fire with the truth of God, who believes that he is called by God and equipped by the Spirit of God to speak to the minds of his hearers in such a compelling way that he must have an audience.


Truth renews the mind. Indeed, the truth which would affect the heart, which moves the heart, which changes the heart, must first enter through the vestibule of the mind if it would enter the sanctuary of the heart. The intention of truth preached is to affect the emotions and the will and the heart and the whole of our humanity…and thus preaching must come first through the mind. It makes its appeal through the mind; it enters through the mind – but it doesn’t simply stop with the mind.