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Quotes by Joe Morecraft


[Sola Scriptura is defined as] the comprehensive and completed revelation of the will of God for us by which we can be thoroughly equipped for every good work… Such a complete, perfect, eternal, all-embracing, and all-sufficient revelation from God that it will never need amendment, correction, or supplementation.


Some of the things we can do to oppose abortion are:
1. Realize the urgency of the situation – each year over one and one-half million unborn babies are aborted. Over 5000 every day.
2. Realize that God’s judgment rests on a nation that allows or condones murder, unless it truly repents. Numbers 35:33 warns: “So shall you not pollute the land and no expiation can be made for the land for the blood that is shed on it except by the blood of him who shed it.”
3. Communicate to elected officials and legislators that God has His moral standards that we must honor, and that one of those standards condemns abortion.
4. Educate and organize your Christian friends to stand unashamedly for the sanctity of human life in their own communities and before their state legislators.
5. Establish and get involved with a local chapter of the Christian Action Council.
6. Keep yourself informed by subscribing to one of several good pro-life newsletters, such as Action Line (Christian Action Council), A.L.L. (American Life Lobby), etc.
7. Involve yourself in crisis pregnancy ministries in your local church, ministering to women with unwanted pregnancies.
8. Check with local Christian adoption agencies for the possibility of adopting an otherwise unwanted infant.
9. Consider taking unwed pregnant women into your home.
10. Teach your children about marital sexuality, the sanctity of human life, and the joy and beauty of pre-marital chastity.
11. Check with your Ob-Gyn and find out if he does abortions. If he does, drop him, and encourage other Christians to do the same.
12. Have funerals for children who die before birth.
13. Identify the Planned Parenthood Federation as an accomplice in this holocaust.
14. Write letters to editors of newspapers and elected officials about the holocaust. Push for pro-life legislation in your state legislature. Send petitions to your representatives.
15. Get involved in a sidewalk counseling program.
16. Leave denominations which are either pro-abortion, or which are not actively pro-life.
17. Pray Psalm 58 against abortionists.
18. Find out where political candidates stand on the issue of abortion.
19. Evangelize!! Evangelize!! Evangelize!!