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Quotes by Henry Smith


He doth not bid us take a taste of all sins and vanities, as Solomon did, to try them:  for they are tried already; but that we should set the Word of God always before us like a rule, and believe nothing but that which it teacheth, love nothing but that which it prescribeth, hate nothing but that which it forbideth, do nothing but that which is commandeth, and then we try all things by the Word.


Holy men have kept the sessions at home, and made their hearts the foremen of the jury, and examined themselves as we examine others.  The fear of the Lord stood at the door of their souls, to examine every thought before it went in, and at the door of their lips, to examine every word before it went out, whereby they escaped a thousand sins which we commit, as though we had no other work.


When Adam was away, Eve was made a prey.


[Regarding marriage:] First, he must choose his love, and then he must love his choice.


Mercy hath a heaven, and justice a hell, to display itself to eternity, but long-suffering hath only a short-lived earth.


He hideth our unrighteousness with His righteousness, He covereth our disobedience with His obedience, He shadoweth our death with His death, that the wrath of God cannot find us.


All are not saved by Christ’s death, but all which are saved, are saved by Christ’s death; His death is sufficient to save all, as the sun is sufficient to lighten all; but if any man wink, the sun will not give him light.


God examineth with trials, the devil examineth with temptations, the world examineth with persecutions.


A sin is two sins when it is defended.