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Quotes by Ezekiel Hopkins


Unless the being of a God be presupposed, no tolerable account can be given of the being of anything.


To use oaths ordinarily and indifferently without being constrained by any cogent necessity, or called to it by any lawful authority, is such a sin as wears off all reverence and dread of the great God; and we have very great cause to suspect that where His name is so much upon the tongue there His fear is but little in the heart.


None have assurance at all times. As in a walk that is shaded with trees and chequered with light and shadow, some tracks and paths in it are dark and others are sunshine. Such is usually the life of the most assured Christian.


[Heaven is] where the unveiled glories of the Deity shall beat full upon us, and we forever sun ourselves in the smiles of God.


Certainly if the giving of the law were so full of terror, much more terrible shall be our being judged according to that law.


There is a conscience in man; therefore there is a God in heaven.